Feinest Team - Feinest Labels
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Company Founder

“I began my career as a fashion journalist. My strong commercial insight and creative writing skills made me launch my own company Feinest Labels in January 2015. Award: KBC Start It Competition.”

♥ city life, coffee in the morning, brunch, discovering new brands

Margot Feiner

Head of PR

Strategy Department

“I’d call myself a young urban creative living in Antwerp. Meeting inspiring people, traveling to amazing places and growing an extensive network drove me into the world of PR.” Besides PR and TV hosting I blog about fashion and produce videos.”
♥ Italian food, peonies, the seventies, Instagram, David Lynch

Elke Sockeel

PR Manager

“In spring 2014 I founded a company that provided a marketing service on Twitter. It immediately turned into a full-time occupation. I’ve been improving and expanding my online services ever since.”

♥ Twitter, theatre and literature

Tim Thomaes

Social Media Manager

Design & art lover to the bone. Nice guy, always positive.

♥ Design, Belgian beer, dogs and turtles

Nicky Janse

Web Wizard

“I love to create interesting concepts and bringing them to life. I love to build a space around interesting ideas. Nothing better than empowering the concept with space, light and form.”

♥ (Interior) Design - Fashion - Architecture – Food

Cheyla Ponce

Retail Concepts & Store Design

“With nearly a decade of experience, I worked with Atelier 11, Eastpak, FFI, Sony, The Kinsky, Tim Van Steenbergen, among others.”

♥ Art direction & graphic design in the area of design, fashion, architecture

Tim Peters

Art Director & Graphic Design

Sales Department

“If I would discribe sales in one sentense I would say that it's reading people. How and why someone makes that specific choice in their lives. What drives people. Endless thinking how I can turn something or someone in the right direction.”
♥ Besides sales, my passion in life can be placed under 3 F's. Family, Friend and Food.

Valerie Hendriks

Head of Sales