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In 2011 Geoffrey Gillon and Lore Heyman started ‘De Showroom’ as a multi-brand agency. Their aim? Setting/establishing a style rather than a mix of brands. Both armed with an artistic education and being in tune with each other about ideas, they aspire to create a collection together without focussing entirely on it. In 2015 they met an Indian producer in Paris, who works according old techniques of dying, weaving and embroidering. Their love for premium fabrics and authentic craftsmanship brought them soon to a first trip to New Delhi, India. This inspiring journey resulted in a collection of delicate hand woven and naturally dyed silk fabrics which create the perfect Summer silhouet.

NOUS is born from creativity and spontaneity. The designs are based on intuition. The collection establishes a style rather than trend based pieces.

The collection is produced in a socio-economic correct working space in India where they maintain old techniques of dying, weaving and embroidering. The quilts from the collection are made from old sari’s, put together by and old Bengal embroidering technique, kantha. Fabrics are dyed by hand and painted by natural colourants. A NOUS piece is therefor a 100% unique.